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We are a small, home kennel registered in the ZKWP and FCI, located in the south of Poland.
For as long as I can remember animals have always accompanied our family,

starting with hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats and even livestock.
Fate wanted for us to turn our love for animals into a passion and let our Kennel

become an integral part of our lives.
In 2006 we started the adventure with English Cocker Spaniel, same year we bought our first bitch ROXETTE Lanckoroński Akcent. Roxette was a founder of our Kennel and her nickname “EBONY EMPIRE” have been part of the inspiration behind the name.

Life, however can be unpredictable and our passion has been focused on breeding particolour Cocker Spaniels .
Consequently we decided to change the name, that will be better suited
for our new dogs and new puppies.
And so officially this year, our kennel received a new name: " YGRITTO FCI ".

      Therefore 2016 willbe ayear of changes! Hopefully for the best.

Our dogsare our family members first and foremost. As such, they live with us inour home
and are present throughout every stages of life. This is the only way we are able to appreciate
the way they grow, and carefully observe,explore and above all improve our breeding achievements. All dogs are selected responsibly in a breedingprogramme to help us establish the best direction for our kennel. It’s important for us to be balancing breedand specific goals with an emphasison: character, exterior and health issues.

Therefore we do not breed sick, defective or bad- tempered dogs. Properly selected mating

and early socialization of puppies, give us and future owners a guarantee of satisfaction
with subsequent generations of little puppies.
Thanks to such ongoing thinking our puppies were exported to many countries such as: England, France, Slovakia, Italy and Mallorca.
They have been successfully shown at many Dog Shows and achieved many successes,

among others have been nominated for the prestigious Cruft's. An important source of joy are the show results of our dogs, which can be read in the "Shows" section.
We invite you to get acquainted with our "Puppies" section as well, where you will receive information about the current breeding plans, and you may see the puppies from our previous litters.

We take great care to ensure that ourbreeding bitches are in the best of health and the top
of condition before we consider mating them. They haveup to 3 litters throughout their life,
that is why puppies appear at our home occasionally.

Staying in contact with our puppy owners is greatly appreciated. It is a real joy to receive a phone call or an e-mail with photos. I’d like to thank all my “EBONY’s” and future “YGRITTO’s” owners with all my heart for making it possible.

Contact us by telephone, e-mail or in person. Tell us about yourself and your expectations.


            Barbara and my team

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